eie Services

eie Services


Our Design & Build Services

Our core design build services include: customer experience design, concept development and interior design, fixture/furnishing design, architecture support, construction and project management services, program development, visual merchandising, eventing and pop-up design!

Customer Experience Design

Our teams will fully support your process to mindfully conceive the exact guest experience your brand deserves, communicating your values, vision and service mission. Our innovative technology discoveries will add the differentiating experience your brand deserves.

Concept Development & Interior Design

Our interior planning and creative services can facilitate a range of experience designs and planning processes, offering aesthetic options to help you represent your unique brand expression while enjoying the process.

The eie collaborative process… WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU

We’re committed to making your creative process as simple as possible, while you focus on running your business. Our partnerships with unique makers and talents join the table transparently in support of your vision.

Fixture / Furnishing Design & Finishing

Your furnishings and fixture design, including interior finishes can be as custom as your brand-heart desires! Metal, woods, specialty finishes, leather, textiles and more are the palate we use to shape your environment.

Architecture & Engineering Support Services

Experience our partnership process collaborating with your chosen architect or engage our architectural support services to build your dream environment.

Construction & Project Management Services

Seamlessly meeting your building needs and exceeding your expectations is our objective working in tandem with your team… or delivering turn-key solution, on budget, on time!

Fixture Program development / Warehousing

The combination of value engineering and a logical exploration of multiples can add deep value to your investment plans, bringing cost savings and speed to delivery through our warehousing services.


Adding the little details through visual merchandising nuance brings your brand to life. Our industry resources can support customized, collections conceived with your guest in mind.


The marketplace is demanding stimulating visual experiences from “pop-up shops” to full blown events… fully designed, planned and executed. eie delivers possibilities! Explore our exciting partnership with a global event team who’s put some of the world’s most popular celebs and brands in the spotlight.

Innovative technology applications

We’ve built partnerships with unique technology and app developers realizing our vision to invite and integrate state of the art applications into interior environments across the spectrum of guest experiences, from fashion to wellness.

B2B Consultation

Partnering “through the numbers” is a great way to start a creative process, setting sights and budget goals early on to stand out from the crowd. Targeting an ideal investment in support of the aesthetic vision of your brand.

Business Development

Tell us about your ambition and we’ll explain how to make it a reality. Sketch out what you aspire to and we’ll provide a roadmap and the fuel to get you there. Don’t settle for being the business you are, when we could help you become the business you should be.

Branding & Marketing Services

Our supplementary branding & marketing services include: corporate ID, graphic design, packaging, web design, analytics, word crafting, media manipulation, social media, promotional devices, e-mailer, print and beyond.

Corporate Identity Design / Management

From the sign over your door to the color of your shelves, every design choice you make helps to define your business. We’ll work with you to craft a corporate identity that captures where you stand and what you believe in.

Brand Development & Graphic Design

Your brand is the story of who you are and what makes you unique. We’ll create solutions and craft visuals that tell a bespoke and appealing tale through just a single glance.

Packaging / Product Design

Give your products the setting they deserve with custom made packaging and design solutions. We’ll create a frame that allows you to paint the most vivid picture possible of who you are and what you do.

Website Design / Development

Go global with an online presence that marries form and function to deliver a seamless experience to the people who matter – your customers. From an intuitive interface to a brand focused aesthetic, we’ll create a website that captures your business and shares it with the world.


Use the data you gather to understand your present and shape your future. Analytical reporting lets you take a strategic view of how you deliver to your customers, letting you drive every single decision with the raw power of unfiltered knowledge.

Storytelling / Word Crafting

Why choose your words carefully when you can let us choose them for you? We’ll tell a story all about your business and we’ll give it the happiest possible ending – the one where customers are eager to find out more.

Still / Moving Image Manipulation

Actions speak louder than words but the right image can drown them both out. We’ll design the visual noise you need to cut across the competition and speak directly to the customers you depend on.

Social Media

Use social media properly and you open up a two way conversation with the people you sell your products to. We’ll build and manage the lines of communication, making it possible to form a relationship that goes beyond customer and retailer and creates the foundation for long term success.

Advertising & Marketing

The best product in the world isn’t the actually best until the world gets to hear about it. Our experience in the arts of advertising and marketing combined with your understanding of your product and the market place will create a message that cuts through to all the right people at all the right times.

Promotional Devices

Every little touch helps when it comes to promoting a business, and we’ll create promotional devices that ties your place in the hearts, minds, pockets and desktops of the clients you want to reach out to.

Electronic / Direct Mailings

Take the message straight to the people who matter via direct mailing and email marketing. From analysing who to target, through writing a message that sings and designing the perfect setting, we’ll handle every aspect of the process. Whether it lands on a door mat or in an inbox, your message will hit home.

Mixed Media / Print

We don’t just help to write the message – we make sure it gets delivered. From the crackle and buzz of mixed media to the static beauty of bespoke printing, we’ll write, paint, design and draw whatever it takes to get you noticed.

experiential interior environments
experiential interior environments