Our People Mix

We’re each unique and all about transparency, and authenticity.


Our People Mix

We’re each unique and all about transparency, and authenticity.

Let’s start here… When we gathered around the table and shaped our commitment to building our own new brand… here’s where we landed.

It’s what we’re made of, what we believe in, and what we’re proud of.

OK, it’s a bit transparent… not so corporate, but here we go.

mindy gehris

The Pro: founder/ceo
The Easy: inspirer


Pro Experience 25 years

Our founder and leader, (a maker at heart) captains the team with a mentorship mindset built upon 20+ years of manufacturing, business ownership and Business Development experience. She has a fantastic storied history of building international brand environments for the retail industry and a diversified following of manufacturing resources and talent resources at the ready to collaborate in support of your brand. She’s also honed a unique set of skillsets consulting in recent years in an eie B2B model, adding to her portfolio of business acumen.

Lucky us… We’ve got woman power on top of our brand!


Friday Night at 5:01  something new, clean and fresh with Vodka (on a tall sexy stem please!)

On Saturday:
Catch her at her favorite pastime as a trend watcher and strategist. Her passion for design gets expressed in all kinds of places from building nests on the Delaware shores to renovating her next mid-century digs. Her heart centers in supporting not for profit organizations and those she believes in. She’s a pro at career building when getting her favorite talents back in the saddle so we can all work as a team to support your next project.  Got to love that!

Stacey Santoro

The Pro: Director Business Development
The Easy: Brand Enthusiast


Pro Experience 28 years

Our Business Development partner is secretly (well not so secretly) really a Brand Development Enthusiast with a passion for supporting new and evolving brands. With an educational foundation at FIT in NYC, and an interest in all things design from fashion to cannabis, her decade of in-field retail management experience, positioned her well for her next chapter. 18 Years in the Project Management & Business Development disciplines in retail fixturing were fueled by a seasoned know how, fully appreciating the guest experience while supplying products built both on-shore and off-shore, always driving exceptional service and value.


Friday Night at 5:01  Sauvignon Blanc please… did I say, “something crisp”? crisp, crisp, crisp!

On Saturday:
Weekend and Holiday menus are taken to a new level when Stacey plays hostess to those she loves, at home or in a cool restaurant she’s discovered to share with a new client partner. Her big heart extends to family, friends and colleagues with boundless energy. Add the excitement of raising two talented young sons in partnership with a great guy, and they’re a family with a passion for music… Surprise… she’s a Roadie Mom, whenever schedules permit, following the career of a budding young musician and his brother studying production technology.

Trend savvy… she’s on it! Chat her up, you’ll soon discover a new friend.

paul osgood

The Pro: director relationship development
The Easy: people gardener


Pro Experience 38 years

Our Brand Ambassador and “people gatherer” has a legacy of creating satisfying partnerships between designers, discerning clients and specialized maker partners though a professional history of luxury furnishings representation during his career as Showroom Owner in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. Follow that with a decade in the luxury Retail Fixturing world, in RD (relationship development) and he’s ready to take on the hybrid challenges of Cannabis.


Friday Night at 5:01  Makers Mark Manhattan up (with the “shakers rocks” on the side)

On Saturday:
Truth be told…he envies the craftsperson that hones unique skills through earning the 10,000 hrs. experience that shapes an artist. That doesn’t stop him from taking the weekend warrior adventure from demolishing walls, trying a hand on electric work when needs arise to painstakingly French polishing an antique piece of furniture.

We just want him to spearhead yoga camp for the eie team!

alan adilman

The Pro: creative director
The Easy: design advocate


Pro Experience 20 years

After an educational focus in Industrial Design with a passion for the challenges and sculptural artistry of the Auto industry Alan found himself working in Japan, designing automobiles and developing his passion for global cultures. Jump forward and he introduced his digital rendering skills into the retail fixture market ahead of the pack.

Next, he’s developing custom branded fixtures across a wide range of merchandise classifications at various tiers of the market. As our Design Director he’s focused on shaping your brand in visual harmony with your vision and stewarding a team of talented resources willing to tackle and challenge that comes his way.


Friday Night at 5:01  Polish Vodka anyone? (Cheers to the influence of a European wife!)

On Saturday:
Spark the torch! No surprise this family man is a welder, building sculpture, furniture and engaging his 4-member family team of creatives in all sorts of personal and home renovation projects. Woodworker, tinkerer and inventor, his passion as a maker gets him involved in all kinds of things from “honey-do” lists from his artist/gardener wife (who also welds) to volunteering his talents for not-for-profit organizations that warm the hearts of his creative brood.

carla rozsitch
The Pro: director project management
The Easy: client satisfaction


Pro Experience 40 years

With retail and design in her bones, Carla became a valued partner to each of her clients in a career built upon visual merchandising and rock solid project management skills. The multi-faceted challenges of managing all the variables and moving parts of building an environment are her strong suit. Always done, in faithfulness to the brand identity. It’s a unique skillset that respects the duality of aesthetic and cost, add the triad of successful timing and you have a real pro. Her multi-decade experience, in the retail Fixture industry, planning and managing one-off prototypes to multi-million, multi-year contractual commitments honed her professional disciplines. Her abilities to build partnerships between internal teams, clients and manufacturing partners is exceptional. al.


Friday at 5:01  A date with captain morgan, (and he never gets her hub jealous!)

On Saturday:
Family fun and faith feed her artist soul. With a legacy of creatives in her background, Carla escapes the weeks pressures through treasure hunting for farmhouse antiques and reclaimed objects she cleverly integrates into home décor. With an insatiable appetite for discovery, reinvention, (and fixer-upper) one project barely completes before she’s on to the next or reinventing the last…. Look out there’s an artist in her, just waiting to escape. Painter, sculptress? we’ll see!

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